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by Monique Hawkins  
Monique's Music Box

There are many types of music boxes to collect. From beautiful inlaid music boxes to exquisite wooden keepsake boxes and carousel music boxes, the music box and antique collector have much to choose from. Four special music boxes to collect are antique music boxes, traditional music boxes, regue music boxes, and porter music boxes.

Antique Music Boxes

Any music boxes made before World War I are considered antiques. Antique music boxes also include extremely rare pieces from the early years of music box development. There is much to choose from along with a variety of prices. Examples of antique music boxes are snuffboxes, pocket watches, spring-wound cartel boxes, hand-cranked boxes, and manivelle type music boxes. The prices of these boxes range from less than $50 dollars to many thousands of dollars. There are many fellow collectors and “craftsman” who can assist with maintenance, repairs, and restoration of antique music boxes.

Traditional Music Boxes

Traditional music boxes are those that have been made since 1900. The types of include ballerina music boxes, carousel music boxes, children’s jewelry boxes, etc. They also include many of the finer disc-playing boxes. The more valuable and better movements will have between 28-144 notes compared to the ones of lesser value with 12-18 notes. While there are many on the market, the demand appears to be growing and sometimes supplies get limited depending on the type of traditional music box that is being sought.

Regue Music Boxes

The Swiss Company, Regue, offers a wide range of great music boxes. Interesting Regue music boxes include a baby stuffed animal box with an 18-note movement, a rosewood box in burr wood, chalets, jewelry boxes with inlay designs, and traditional music boxes to name a few. The price range for Regue music boxes are from $20 to well over $70,000 depending on the type of music box.

Porter Music Boxes

An American company based in Randolph, Vermont, which has been manufacturing music boxes since 1974, makes the Porter Music Box. More than 750 have been made so far and about 80 unique music boxes are made per year. Examples of Porter music boxes include the 15 ½ inch disc music movement, table and upright music boxes, and the twin disc music box which has an inlaid design on the cabinet, and the table styled music box which has four Queen styled legs.

For the music box and antique collector, there are many types and styles to choose from. Adding antique music boxes, traditional music boxes, Regue music boxes, and Porter music boxes to their collection of inlaid music boxes, wooden keepsake boxes, and carousel music boxes would be valuable additions. Why not start adding to that collection today.

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