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by David Nivala

Have you ever thought about a relatively cheap item to collect? The answer could be in collecting business cards. Almost every business and many individuals have printed their own business cards for exchange with people of like mind that they meet. Many businesses have them in a jar or tray on their counter. Be aware that collecting the early calling cards or visiting cards and trade cards may by costly, particularly the 17th and 18th century cards.

There are number of questions that you need to answer first.

1. What type of business card do you want to collect? Some people collect everything, some collect by themes, for example professional people, shipping companies, gifts stores, restaurants, hotels and the list goes on. Most collectors start by collecting almost anything ,and then when they choose categories they have cards to swap.

2. How do you want to collect them? Some collectors will only collect business cards given directly to them, other collectors will collect whilst on holidays, other collectors write away for them, whilst other collectors swap business cards. Again, its your choice, but above all have fun in whatever collection method you choose.

3. How do you store business cards? It is not uncommon to build collections over 20,000 cards. In order to remember what the collector has, it is best to catalogue them in a computer system and then store them in order. The storage needs to be free from moisture and direct heat. Some collectors use the zip-lock plastic bags, and the best ones to use are the ones that hold the business cards reasonably tightly, so that the cards are not damaged. Other collectors use sealable hard plastic containers. Choose any storage method that keeps the water and heat out.

4. Should I become a trader? Collectors of business cards may include the traditional calling cards and trade cards in their collections. These cards have not been produced for over two hundred years. They are offered for sale on internet auction sites and specialist card collector sites. Make sure that you know the value they will appreciate with time, and follow some basic guidelines in your trading, as shown below.

Be clear what you are selling or buying. Describe it accurately. Photograph if possible
Keep the stock in the best condition possible, and do not exaggerate its condition.
If a trade is too good to be true, it probably is.
Communicate quickly and effectively whatever the medium.
Remain happy and courteous at all times and have fun.

Collecting business cards can be as rewarding as you would like it to be.

Collectors of business cards often collect business card holders as well.For more information on business cards and business card holders go to



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